We provide a variety of services to fit your business and operational needs such as:

• Providing professional consulting services focused on enhancing your corporate flight department's value to shareholders and C-Suite executives

• Conducting fleet utilization analysis and long-range fleet modernization planning services.

• Safety Management System (SMS) Start-up Programs.

• Provide Professional Education instruction on a variety of Business Aviation and Safety Management areas for companies or individuals.

• Safety system analysis to highlight gaps in your current
program and provides you with suggested solutions based
on industry “best practices”. Well versed in pre-audits based on the stringent criteria of IBAC.

• Training programs tailored to fit your company’s individual
needs for pilots, maintenance, and office employees based on a
comprehensive review of operations and
utilization of your aircraft. Additionally, provide quality, dependable
supplemental crew services for both fixed and rotary wing operations.

• Training and understanding on subjects such as the FAA’s
Risk-Based Decision Making (RBDM), Compliance Philosophy,
Hazard Identification and Tracking, Crew Resource Management (CRM),
and many other subjects to fulfill your tailored training requirements.

• Hiring assistance and pre-screening prospective employees in concert
with your HR department to identify candidates that possess the
highest caliber of skill sets and teamwork for your flight department.

Contact us and we can discuss our pricing and programs based on your needs.

Why Us?

Our staff has over 30 years of relevant aviation experience working all aspects to include flight operations, safety management, training and standardization, as well as executive management consulting. Their diversity and backgrounds provide a common sense approach to provide solutions for your aviation operations based on “best practices”. They are experienced leaders and managers with the ability to articulate viable and cost effective solutions to C-Level Executives. Our strength in the safety management field comes from our ability to not only focus on aviation-specific problems, but to bring in all aspects of the safety systems program to include ground handling and OSHA workplace compliance issues.

Compliance and upkeep of programs and records are difficult. We can help in this area because we are experts with regards to what is required and what is nice to have. We will not only look at your aviation operations and provide “best practices” solutions for your consideration, but we will also perform an assessment on the workplace environment and build an exposure assessment report to protect your most important resources, employees and property!